Sustainable kitchen excellence 

Green Design Choices for a More Environmentally-Friendly Home

"All over the world, everyone is talking about sustainability and the climate protection measures that go with it. Pronorm sees itself as having a responsibility to act sustainably towards our world and future generations. For this reason, Pronorm decided in July 2021 to participate in the "Climate Pact of the Furniture Industry". Since then, numerous investments have been made for the sake of the environment, and more will follow in the future. As of now, Pronorm counts as a climate-neutral company and is thus taking the right path into the future".

"In order to become climate neutral, several modernisations had to be implemented and realised. Individual changes, such as the introduction of electric forklifts and LED lighting in the entire production, could be carried out directly. Other improvements required more planning and implementation time. One of these is the new photovoltaic system on the production building, consisting of 1024 high-performance solar modules, which thus save about 120 t of Co2 per year. Another major project was the investment in an energy-efficient extraction system and a new chip-firing system; with the help of these two systems, Pronorm is now independent of gas and heating oil. In addition, many other projects were implemented, such as the insulation of the entire outer façade and the investments in frequency-controlled drive technologies, which lead to a demand-oriented power consumption. Further concepts have already been developed in order to achieve the climate goal together, step by step".

Pronorm 2023