Accessories for your kitchen

Uncover the Perfect Solution to Your Needs
Are you tired of the frustration that comes with untidy drawers and cupboards? We understand how challenging it can be, and we're here to offer you a solution that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Interior fitting for drawers
Waste systems
Storage space and organisation

Wooden cutlery trays

Available in Oak, walnut and black finishes. Black finish has Aluminium dividers other are matching wood finish.

Suspended and upright waste systems

Suspended and upright waste systems are available in a variety of sizes including 10Ltr, 20Ltr, 25Ltr and 32Ltr. Smaller sizes are available with different width cabinetry.

Le-Mans and carousel corners

These perfect mechanisms allow complete access outside of the base unit through rotating and pivoting. Load capacity of the shelves 25Kg.

When you choose our solution, you're not just making a logical decision – you're investing in your happiness. The relief you'll feel is immeasurable, and the positive impact on your life will be evident in the smiles, laughter, and moments of pure enjoyment that clutter will no longer steal from you.

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Drawers, pull-outs and interior fittings

The innovative pull-out system sets new technological standards in design and versatility features. The system guarantees unique running action, reliable stability
and optimum soft closure. Even with loads up to 60kg.Our drawers and pull-outs are fully extractable. The high quality steel frame system guarantees a free flowing and utterly silent motion.






ProTech 2.0 drawer system 

Cutlery inserts in Champagne, Oak, Walnut and Black wood finishes



Black wood