About Us

Kitchen project solutions is the retail division of the Uk’s largest Pronorm contract distributor KPS-Pronorm.   Working predominantly in the North West and Midlands, KPS have designed and installed over 5000 Pronorm kitchens into some of the most iconic buildings in the North of England. If you see a High-Rise apartment scheme in central Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham? There's a high chance we supplied and installed the kitchens.

So why set up a retail division? As a team, we realised the importance of helping clients figure out exactly what they wanted from their kitchen. With a combined retail sales knowledge of over 200 years, past experience showed us that people were not getting what they were looking for, and were being driven down a route predominantly designed to hit a companies target price rather than focusing on the clients’ actuals wants and needs. We discourage this way of doing business, so at Kitchen Project Solutions we vowed to do things differently.

“We felt these people deserve a better and more complete service. It’s not simply enough to listen for an hour, knock out a plan and picture, then hit them with your best sales technique! We don’t like that people are treated this way. Clients deserve greater product knowledge and the opportunity to discuss room colours, lighting schemes and the use of space in the wider home.

So how do we approach this conundrum of balancing budget against wants, needs, desires whilst still delivering value for money. In essence, our business combines elements of interior design, project management, and an understanding of construction to offer a comprehensive solution for clients looking to renovate or create new kitchen and living spaces. The outcome has been that our customers feel far more fulfilled by the experience of designing and buying a new kitchen from us.

So how do we do it? Visit us to find out! Come and take a look around our fantastic showroom which showcases over 10 displays. We have great coffee and refreshments so click the link below and book an appointment. Look forward to seeing you very soon.