Terms & Conditions

By the term “Contract” and “Project,” Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd TA KPS Pronorm refers to larger projects typically existing within the house building sector
1) All prices are based on contract terms and are fixed until June 2017 from the date of this quotation unless otherwise stated on the quotation. Fixed price assurances are as detailed within the quotation.
Any reference to fixed price not specifically detailed within the quotation should be considered specifically excluded.
2) Following the expiry of the quotation period, we reserve the right to increase our prices should they be subject to normal manufacturers’ increases and/or exceptional currency fluctuations.
3) The prices quoted refer to the project specified on the quotation. Any alteration of products or unit numbers may have price implications.
4) The pricing structure for each individual contract may vary and is not transferable.
5) All kitchen drawings must be approved and duly authorised in writing by the client (or their representative), prior to the ordering of any items.
6) Should site dimensions or layout significantly alter from the attached drawings, we reserve the right to re-plan and where additional costs are involved, may raise additional charges.
7) All prices are exclusive of VAT.
8) All prices are based on the full quantities and specifications included in our quotation. If significant elements are removed, we reserve the right to review our pricing structure.
9) The above is based on receiving a satisfactory programme of works in due time prior to our commencement on site.
10) Our standard payment terms are a minimum of 35% deposit prior to goods being ordered with the balance due 2 weeks prior to original agreed delivery date.
On larger contracts we may modify payment terms subject to program
11) Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd will undertake a pre-award / pre-order meeting with the main contractor outlining specific procedure regarding the project.
12) Where a dry fit is stipulated this does not include the wiring in of appliances, unless specifically agreed and included or instructed within the contract.
i.e. all agreed services termination points will be provided by others, 2nd fixed to an agreed point adjacent to each appliance please refer to Dry Fit Definitions.
13) All kitchen types will have a generic services drawing, which will be issued in good time for release to the Mechanical and Electrical sub-contractor.
It is the responsibility of the client to request clarification for any anomalies, contradictions or omissions in services layouts.
14) Alterations and/or accelerations to program may be required and we will, within the confines of the delivery and installation framework outlined above, endeavour to meet such reasonable changes.
15) Delivery is approximately 5-6 weeks from call off following receipt of order. Where there are annual factory closures, which may affect the programme, we will notify you in good time to ensure no disruption occurs.
16) As Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd hold no quantities of contract stock, a minimum lead-time of 5-6 weeks is required for product acquisition.
17) All contract orders must be accompanied by a full official purchase order, clearly stating the unit numbers and products required for that project.
18) All appliances have a 2-year warranty.
19) All furniture has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
20) Free access to the site for delivery of kitchens, on site waste facilities and use of the hoist/lift if applicable.
21) Free use of site welfare facilities, power for tools, skips, reasonable space for on site storage and other attendances for our operatives.
23) Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd will not accept any set off charges without prior agreement. Any attempt to set off monies against our account without prior written agreement will be strongly resisted.
24) Professional Indemnity – Although we will be planning the kitchens into the spaces provided and co-ordinating with the other trades, we are not involved in the design of the product or system.
It is in our opinion unnecessary to provide such cover and this will not be included within our bid. It is not normal practice within our industry to have such cover.
25) Liquidated Damages - Strictly in accordance with the pre award agreement.
26) Performance Bond – Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd do not provide a performance bond.
27) Defects Liability – We are happy to offer 12-month defects liability on our works.
28) Collateral Warranty – We will be happy to sign a collateral warranty once presented to us.
29) Builders Work - Our price and specification does not include any provision for builder’s work, which is not normal practice within our scope of works. We would expect the areas to be ready for our installation, and in accordance with the Generic services layouts.
30) Kitchens and Appliances are bulky, heavy and awkward items to move around, particularly up or down staircases. In accordance with the current manual handling regulations it is incumbent upon management to eliminate or minimise the risk involved in manual handling, regardless of cost. We would therefore expect Hoisting / Lifting facilities to assist with vertical distribution. We assume that free use of these will be made available and that reasonable access to the areas of our work will be made available to achieve the programme. We will assume that vertical lifting facilities will be available throughout the programme.
31) Practical Completion - Once each kitchen stage has been completed and inspected and signed off as satisfactory subject to minor remedial issues, responsibility for the installed items passes over to the Main Contractor. Responsibility for any subsequent damages and / or theft then passes to the Main Contractor.
32) Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd will take responsibility for goods up until they are incorporated into the main works subject to satisfactory site security, and our ability to fit the product in accordance with the agreed programme.
33) Extraction Performance – On request, Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd will provide information as required to your Mechanical & Electrical advisors. The interpretation of Flow rates and performance Data by you or advisors is outside the control of Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd it is therefore not the responsibility of Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd to determine the suitability of the extractor hood specified. your advisors is outside the control of Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd it is therefore not the responsibility of Kitchen Project Solutions Ltd to determine the suitability of the extractor hood specified.
Feb 2023